Engage the Constitutions

How these Constitutions were made machine readable

In their original or web forms, these documents are not easily read by a synthetic voice. This is because they are full of abbreviations, acronyms, Roman Numerals, grammatical and other references that to the listener will be distracting and out of context.  Adaptations, such as deleting URLs (the machine reader reads the entire URL which can sound like gibberish) are being made on an ongoing basis to make the listening experience better for the user.

How these Constitutions were made printable and human readable

Because each state makes their constitution available in a different format (tables, frames text, pdf, hyperlinks, etc.), they can be difficult to compare or print. Adaptations, such as uniform text formatting, are being made on an ongoing basis to make the printing and human reading experience better for the user.  

Click a state to hear, read, print or search a constitution.  Google Chrome recommended.

Use Both Versions Together

Constitutions can be imposing because they are long and detailed.  This is the first website that provides audio versions of state constitutions time referenced to text versions.  The constitutions to the left are read by a synthetic female voice at an average reading pace with no accent. Time cues are in the margins of the written versions that roughly correspond to the where the reader voice is in the document. This makes it easier for a user to follow along, and that will hopefully make studying, referencing and understanding these founding documents easier.  

NOTE: Many constitutions include annotations which make them much longer than they would be without annotations; i.e. Colorado, Nebraska, etc.  When possible, annotations were included.  


Monitor the Constitutions

This newsfeed shows current stories from around the country about how state constitutions are being amended or challenged.  Use to explore issues highlighted in this newsfeed.

NOTE: A state legislature may vote to create or change a law, but that is not the same as amending the state’s constitution.  

Also use CTRL F to search pages for words and/or phrases.